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Hey, this is Allay SMP. This isn't like the other SMP servers out there. You won't find a single option to buy something for money, because we aren't here for that. You won't find any fancy plugins here either. The only game changing plugin here is to protect your builds. This is a SMP that is meant to replicate the singleplayer feeling of Minecraft, while connecting all players into 1 world. You can play with Java and Bedrock. On Java, you can play on this server from 1.8 to the latest version and it's cracked, which means you can play here with TLauncher or Salwyrr, or any other free Minecraft client you might have. You can play here on Bedrock, so you can play here from your console and phone. You won't find toxic players here either, and the owner is active a lot. Please join our Guilded server for communicating with others. Since this is an Aternos server, you will have to tell the owner or an admin to turn the server on for you. Please give this server a chance. Thank you for your time.

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