Welcome to the Enclave Republic of America, Member!
We are a Fallout faction dedicated to rebuilding this desolate wasteland to her former glory as the United States of America, as she was meant to be. Unlike other enclaves, we try our best to be the 'good guys' of the wasteland, to do our mission - to rebuild America. Join us today as we continue our mission, rebuilding America as she was meant to be, either as one of our Armed Forces servicemen, or as a G.C.S.A. Employee (Medical & Construction). The American Dream will return, one day at a time.
What do we offer?
- Plenty of Fallout-Themed Emoji.
- Climbable WORKING ranking system.
- Custom roles and permissions for each rank.
- Introductions and channels to express yourself.
- Annual Tournaments against the Brotherhood of Steel!
- Server Events & Item Giveaways.
- Open to ALL platforms (PC/Xbox/PlayStation/MOBILE)
- Partnerships
So much more!

What are you waiting for? Enlist in the Enclave today and help rebuild your nation!

  • Cheese
    May 25, 2022 at 9:23 pm

    Although the server isn’t always active due to its lack in members the enclave is definitely a really good fall out community, the roleplay channels and members make up for the lack of activity 🙂

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