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HyprApp is a social media platform for gamers that is being developed by gamers for gamers. It is being designed to be a more immersive and engaging experience for gamers than traditional social media platforms. HyprApp features will include:

Social Posting: Posting updates, sending private messages, liking, commenting, and sharing content. (In Progress)
Live streaming: Gamers can live stream their gameplay to friends and followers. (Future Feature)
Group chats: Gamers can create group chats to discuss games, strategies, and more. A bit like servers. (Future Feature)
Clans: Gamers can join clans to compete in tournaments and events. (Future Feature)

HyprApp is still under development, but it has the potential to become the go-to social media platform for gamers. It is a platform where gamers can connect with other gamers, share their love of gaming, and compete against each other.

Feel free to invite your friends and help us grow a community to be proud of

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