Outlaster Elite is a server where you can talk with other members, and participate in events/seasons for prizes!

Started in October 2020 as a Discord Server dedicated to hosting Outlaster events, now we have evolved into a server for hosting events for any Roblox game!

We have made a Guilded server to bring the fun of our events to a new community.

If you are wondering what the events and seasons are, here are some short explanations of them:

Event - An Event Host will post a link to a private server of a Roblox game in the Events channel, and it can either be for fun or for a prize. Sometimes, we play games other than Roblox if you're not interested in that!

Season - These are a longer and more competitive event where you submit an application, and if you get accepted you'll fight for a prize in a selected Roblox game against other people.

All the events/seasons are hosted in Roblox, so all you need is a Roblox account and to join this Guilded Server.

If you aren't interested in playing in any events, then you are welcome to just sit back and watch other people play, talk with the community, or play around in our dumb entertainment channels!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you consider joining the Outlaster Elite Guilded.

Note: We are not affiliated with Outlaster or the Outlaster Devs. We just host fun Roblox events.

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