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Welcome to Prodigy Racing Association.
We are a competitive online racing league with leagues in multiple games and series in multiple leagues! All league official times are in EASTERN STANDARD TIMEZONE USA
We currently race on:
PlayStation Network:
PlayStaton Wreckfest: ⁠????|psn-wf-chat
PlayStation Gran Turismo 7: ⁠????|gt7-main-chat
PlayStation Assetto Corsa Competizione: ⁠????┃off-topic
Steam-PC Wreckfest: ⁠pc-wf-league-info
NR2003: ⁠nr2003-chat
Automobilista 2: ⁠ams2-chat
We casually play games together in the:
PRA ARCADE: ⁠chat|arcade
Go to ⁠Channels & Roles to choose roles, if you haven't done it on the ONBOARDING process. Also, Discord just released an update where you now can choose roles in the "Channels & Roles" section at the top left of your screen. Check out the Server Guide also at the top left of your screen!

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