Hello there, did you hear? There is a house just in a slightly hilly grassland just having a few rooms. Its not a secret, but nobody knows where it is and only people in it can help you there.
im trying to have lots of people in here and improve. We are an anime and gaming themed chill server with the focus on anime.

Why you should join? Well, we dont have much yet, but we have this:
βž™ Basic but unique Server idea πŸ—‚οΈ
βž™ Self assignable roles and XP bot enabled (for now)πŸŽ€
βž™ Events and maybe even giveaways 🎈
βž™ A advertise server and a Emote server whit atleast 2 more server coming.
βž™ Topic channels to talk about certain stuff your maybe interested in πŸ“š
βž™ No application needed, free to join πŸ‘‹
β•°-~-⇉And atleast 5 features and 3 groups coming in the future or with more members!

I hope I could convince you to join. You will not regret for sure to atleast take a look at in ^^ See you.

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