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Hello and Welcome to the Minecraft Realm of the Subterranean!

Above, mysterious copper beasts stalk the earth, its crumbling monuments, and crashed airships. Below, civilization has adapted to live beneath the earth and its ruins, scrapping together what little they have.

We're a new survival Minecraft realm centered around unique building themes and creating a lovely little community. Story-building and/or roleplaying is highly encouraged!

The theme as of now is unique post-apocalyptic styles; rusty, make-shift steampunk, maybe buildings made of scraps or in crashed ships; ancient, immemorial monuments that are strangely advanced with large redstone contraptions and almost modern-like interiors; and rotting, burnt, sunken, smashed, and overgrown medieval structures scatter everywhere over the land and few medieval societies have found their own ways to adapt below the earth or hide within seemingly blighted buildings.

Come join us! We'd love to have you. ❤️

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