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?Enter TᕼE ᗰETᗩᐯEᖇᔕE!?
The Final Crisis of the 5th era — Twilight of Imagination, was successfully averted. Menevelon, the Vanguard of the End, was defeated. Existence itself was spared from certain annihilation. This was a victory that came at high costs; critical damage was sustained. Sacrifices were made. Those who remain have started rebuilding proper, bringing Ygdrassil and the 7 Domains into the Metaverse; the lands outside the Nexus are revealed at long last.
This Metaverse you speak of… what is it?
The Metaverse is a constantly evolving story and timeline shaped by the players. Any character could feasibly exist within the metaverse, thus making this the most inclusive RP in history. Are you ready to forge the path that lies ahead? To push yourself to the breaking point? Are you ready to shape history and make your mark on a metaversal scale?
There‘s plenty reason to check us out:
⏺️ Explore new locations; more are revealed regularly!
⏺️ Custom ascension & stat system, walk one of three based on your actions IC and grow in power!
⏺️ Fully custom spell crafting system for you to create your own iconic spells for your use!
Do you have the courage to make a name for yourself? Find out in the exciting 3rd season of The Metaverse RPN!

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