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Guilded will be forcing you to create a Roblox account in order to use and have access to your account on Guilded, to include forcing new users to make a Roblox account as well. As such, we will simply not support this and do not wish to be involved with a company that forces that onto it’s users. over 90% and counting have quit Guilded, and we are no exception. You can find a nice Gilcord Discord server HERE, as well as find out the exact date that Guilded will fully die HERE. Thank you all for being apart of us for so long, I am sorry that this company is spitting in everyone’s face who has valued them for so long. Keep in mind, this is not Guilded’s doing but more than likely they are being forced by the corrupt, extremely awful company known as Roblox. I would suggest boycotting them for life, and never using anything that they own.